In a community that fosters academic excellence, ethical responsibility and global engagement, Pacific Ridge School prepares students for college and a purposeful life.

Academic Excellence
Students deepen their grasp of important questions and concepts through critical thinking and creative reasoning. Seminar-style classroom instruction and extra-curricular activities foster an understanding of multiple perspectives, effective communication and the application of knowledge. Pacific Ridge School prepares students to succeed at the most selective universities and colleges, as well as in their eventual occupations and life-long service.

Ethical Responsibility
Students strengthen the ability to discern right from wrong as a matter of conscience, and develop the courage to act on their moral beliefs. Through a curriculum and culture deeply and distinctively committed to an ethic of personal responsibility as a way of life, students learn the value of living with integrity, as they and their teachers seek to understand what is fair, compassionate and right.

Global Engagement

Students explore beliefs and opinions from new perspectives, becoming aware of their roles as members of a global community. The curriculum inspires students to grow from local citizens, to world travelers, to global citizens. They develop a broad perspective that prepares them to live in a society that is increasingly complex and interconnected. By offering an integrated curriculum, Pacific Ridge School graduates students who are culturally, politically, and socially aware. These students are resilient and competent to engage the world around them.
Culture and Values
What kind of a place is Pacific Ridge School for those who study and work here, indeed for every member of the community?  

A place of:

RESPECT, where each person respects others, oneself and the environment, by exercising empathy and affording dignity to all;

UNDERSTANDING, where individuals seek to find truth more than to win, through honesty and engagement with ideas; and where the development of individual, moral responsibility and conscience is prized;

BALANCE, where depth of understanding, requiring time and reflection, is balanced with breadth of opportunity;

PURPOSE, where students find their place in the world, striving to reach beyond their own needs to express care and make a difference in the lives of others;

PASSION for learning, where important questions are posed, students think critically and find their voice, developing habits of learning that endure.