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Excellence through Challenge

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Excellence through Challenge

Developing the intellect, agility and courage to thrive


In a community that fosters academic excellence, ethical responsibility and global engagement, Pacific Ridge School prepares students for college and a purposeful life.

MIDDLE School  |  Grades 6-8

Upper School  |  Grades 9-12


Academic Excellence

We incorporate real-world challenges, innovative approaches, and a growth mindset in all that we do so that our students’ accomplishments extend well beyond what’s expected or required.


Our approach to education involves empowering students with the confidence to engage with challenging material and appreciate diverse perspectives.

Global Engagement

Our robust, globally-focused curriculum and program of yearly travel helps students think outside of themselves, develop empathy, and prepare to contribute to the world around them.

Ethical Responsibility

We endeavor to help students understand the complex challenges facing our society, the systems that create them, and the imperative to participate in solutions. 

Growth Through Experience

We believe that strength comes through challenge and personal development is a result of taking risks and getting outside of what we know. We support our students every step of the way as they stretch and grow.

Community of Care

We dedicate our time and focus to supporting our students and their families, so they feel more connected to what’s important—each other, their passions, and the pursuit of a purposeful life.


I'm so thankful for all the support Pacific Ridge gave me on my prosthetic arm project. I knew our 3D printers could make a positive impact that went beyond the classroom. Learning about Ellie and her condition inspired me to help. I've formed a service group that next year will make a prosthetic for Ellie's other arm and hopefully help more kids like her.

ISABELLA  |  Class of ‘23

I’m very grateful for all the athletic support from the PRS community. Thanks to the Flock for promoting and hyping up so many of our games this year. This past season, we had some of the best crowds I’ve ever played in front of. For the rest of my life, I will look back on those Friday night basketball games with packed stands chanting for us.

BRADY  |  Class of ‘22

I came from China when I was 13 and thought "What is my purpose here?" I joined Student Council and the Asian American Pacific Islander Affinity group and could not only educate our community about the history of Asian Americans, but also discuss with the history department making our curriculum more inclusive. Those experiences helped me find a true sense of belonging.

LAURA |  Class of ‘22  Carlsbad Rising Star Scholarship Winner

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