We designed this campus for you, for our students, for the community.

A beautiful, open environment and state-of-the-art facilities

Middle School

Our Middle School & Administration building houses 11 seminar classrooms, 3 fully-equipped science labs, a lab prep room and administrative offices. The 22,750 square foot building’s signature feature is the Middle School Reading Room, which opens onto an outdoor courtyard where middle schoolers can gather to socialize and collaborate. Teacher workrooms overlook the reading room, promoting interaction among faculty and students. Adjacent to the science labs, an observation deck overlooks the courtyard and campus.

Upper School

Our 32,500 square foot high school building was designed with simplicity, functionality and environmental sustainability in mind. Features of the building include 19 seminar-style classrooms, four chemistry, biology and physics laboratories, four teacher workrooms and two double-story reading rooms. A large outdoor town square provides space for student gatherings, dining and events.

Arts & Technology Center

The Arts & Technology Center is a crossroads for creativity and technology. Studios for theater, dance and 2D and 3D art, music practice rooms and exhibition galleries are joined by a Technology Design Center supporting digital technology such as film/audio production, graphic design and computer programming, as well as a Design & Fabrication Studio for large-scale robotics work and theater set construction. An additional upper school science laboratory and two new mathematics classrooms also reside in the 23,000 square foot building. The centerpiece of the Arts & Technology Center is Community Hall, a campus hub which provides an attractive place for grade-level presentations and community-wide events.

Athletic Center 

With over 35,250 square feet of space, our athletic facility is one of the largest high school athletic centers in San Diego, and accommodates not only athletic contests and sports training, but also school assemblies, informal meetings and special events. The school's synthetic turf athletic field hosts competitive play in soccer, lacrosse and flag football, as well as cross-training and physical education.


The Pacific Ridge learning commons includes a traditional, archival library that features print books and student projects, but also acts as an open forum where students can engage in advanced on-line research and receive one-on-one guidance from our school librarian. This facility will be transferred to the new Innovation Center and Library when it is completed.

Innovation Center and Library 

The Innovation Center and Library, scheduled for completion in early 2021, is designed to enhance and facilitate students’ exposure to new technologies, philosophies and skill sets that will prepare them for a changing future. The 14,510 sq. ft. building is a fluid, adaptable space that invites collaboration, experimentation, and the exchange of ideas across disciplines. The facility includes a library and research center, robotics and maker space, biotech lab, technology and electronics lab, student support center, indoor classrooms, multi-purpose lecture space, and a teacher workroom.

How to Find Us

Our beautiful campus is located in Carlsbad's Bressi Ranch and surrounded on three sides by natural open-space. The campus is a 15-20 minute drive from most communities in coastal North County, meaning most families can avoid the highway. Make sure to visit to see the campus alive with school activities!
Pacific Ridge School
6269 El Fuerte Street
Carlsbad, CA 92009
(760) 448-9820

Please note that maps and driving directions on some online map services and car navigation systems may not accurately show the location of our campus. Pacific Ridge School is south of Palomar Airport Road, north of Poinsettia Lane, east of El Camino Real and west of Melrose Drive.
The Pacific Ridge School campus is designed to facilitate our mission and collaborative focus, bringing the world into the classroom and the classroom into the world. The open campus encourages interaction among people, a fluid exchange of ideas and a strong, supportive community.