Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity Statement

As a community that is committed to valuing and supporting all identities and experiences,
Pacific Ridge School strives to foster inclusivity and equity
to prepare students for life in a diverse society.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Pacific Ridge, we value the unique perspectives and experiences within our community and believe that each elevates the learning experience for all. Over a third of Pacific Ridge students identify as people of color as defined by the National Association of Independent schools, and diversity is represented on our campus in many other ways. We provide a supportive environment in which students can explore their own understanding of gender, ability, race, religion, ethnicity and sexual orientation, as well as notions of equity and justice.

Ongoing Student Opportunities

Equity and inclusion work helps us better recognize, understand and embrace both our differences and our similarities. A number of student groups on campus support this important effort.

Affinity groups allow students and faculty connect, build trust and affirm their identity and experiences. In alliance groups, students explore how their experiences position them to be supporters and allies.

  • American Asian Pacific Islander
  • Black Student Union
  • Feminists United
  • Gender Sexuality Alliance
  • Jewish Affinity Group
  • Latinx Unidos
  • Middle Eastern North African
  • Multicultural Alliance
  • South Asian Alliance

A large number of service learning groups and clubs are also involved in equity and inclusivity work.

  • Amnesty International
  • Conservative Club
  • El Savaldor - Becas Nonualco
  • Global School Connections
  • Global Vantage
  • Hands of Peace
  • H.E.R.O.
  • Leftist Club
  • Million Knots
  • New Haven Night Shelter
  • Priceless
  • Rainbow Connection
  • Revere
  • Young Centrists


Celebrations create a sense of belonging for students and educate the community about the rich diversity of backgrounds and experiences in our student body.


Both a Student Equity Advisory Board and Faculty Equity Advisory Board provide input into school initiatives. For more information about diversity, equity and inclusion at Pacific Ridge, please contact Susan Woods, Director of Community and Inclusion at swoods@pacificridge.org.