Increase Efforts to Recruit and Retain Diverse Faculty

To better connect students to the community and the material they are learning by enabling them to see themselves reflected in the makeup of faculty and staff; to help ensure success among groups that have been traditionally underrepresented on campus

  • Included Director of Community and Inclusion on the hiring team (2019)
  • Increased financial resources for hiring more diverse faculty (2019)
  • Partnered with recruitment firms NEMNET and STRATEGENIUS that focus on curating a diverse candidate pool 
  • Dean of Faculty and administrative leadership attended diversity recruiting/hiring fairs and workshops (2017)
  • Training and education for existing faculty on the value of diverse perspectives in our community (2016)
  • “Stay” interviews to learn from, support, and retain faculty who are in the minority at PRS
  • Maintained the Faculty Equity Advisory committee to work in tandem with  Student Equity Advisory (SEA) (2019)

On Deck
  • Work with diversity hiring firms, historically Black, Hispanic, and Native American colleges and universities
  • Attend various diversity hiring conferences (Fall 2020)
  • Train academic leadership team, department chairs, and supervisors on diversity hiring (2020-21)
  • Review hiring processes: identify criteria that may exclude or create barriers to entry for a diverse candidate pool; reconsider where opportunities are posted, how resumes are sorted, how interviews are conducted and finalists are determined (2020-21)
  • Require all candidates to demonstrate cultural competency and identify how it informs their practice and leadership (beginning Spring 2021)

Initiative Team Members

Tim Betzala, Dean of Faculty, lead
Susan Woods, Director of Community & Inclusion
Alfie Hobbs, Assistant Head of Upper School
Julian Jones, World Languages teacher
Kara Sterner, Director of Marketing and Communications
Abby Adams, Communications Manager