Improve Advisory Programs

To help build connections in Advisory among students, their peers, and their advisors; to make the Advisory experience more meaningful through purposeful programming focused on social-emotional learning, reflection, and mindfulness

  • Developed Advisory philosophy to engage students in personal reflection and skill-building that will help them overcome challenges and lead fruitful inner and outer lives (started September 2019)
  • Grade-level themes of Belonging, Reflection, and Growth to guide activities and conversations throughout the school year 
  • Advisory curriculum to include: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity themes; Growth mindset, resilience and self-advocacy; Conflict management and difficult conversations; Time-management and organizational skills; Motivation and goal setting; Life balance/managing stress/self-care; Developing self-awareness and identifying values, beliefs, attitudes; Decision-making 

On Deck
  • Rollout of advisory programming (Sept/Oct 2020)
  • Continued feedback from students and faculty to refine lessons (Ongoing)
  • Yearly process for program review, revisions and addition of new plans

Initiative Team Members

Alfie Hobbs, Assistant Head of Upper School, lead
Susan Woods, Director of Community and Inclusion
Allegra Molineaux, Head of Upper School
Sarah Peeden, Assistant Head of Middle School
Hans Richter, Twelfth-Grade Dean
Elizabeth Grossman, Eleventh-Grade Dean
Steve Stella, Tenth-Grade Dean
Alison Lahl, Ninth-Grade Dean

Scott Lyman
Joanna Gonda
Hans Decrop
Liz O’ Brien
Jamie Kelso
Tim Kent
Johnny Thieken
Preston Peeden
Peyton Bray

Wyatt Elsner ‘21
Scott Vu ‘21
Claire Zhang ‘21
Dylan Powell ‘22
Dash Daniels ‘22
Abel Martinez ‘22
Tianne Chazin ‘22
Jocelyn Twardowski ‘23
Connor Elmore ‘23
Naia Riggenbach ‘23
Jarrah Newman ‘23
Sophia Nguyen ‘23
Aydin Abudawas ‘23