Refine the School’s Statement of Core Values

To support the behaviors in which our community needs to engage on a daily basis to live into the school’s diversity statement; to deepen the school’s practice of ethical responsibility

  • Review of existing core values statement from Founding Board of Trustees
  • Core values workshops with Academic Leadership
  • Research on various industry core value statements 
  • Planning session to map out how existing mission statement, diversity statement and athletics core values work together

On Deck
  • Survey community members (students, parents, faculty, staff, administration and Board of Trustees) to identify themes related to positive and negative behaviors witnessed in the community to inform final core values
  • Revise core values statement
  • Launch and start implementation of core values statement
  • Community Life: “Implicit and Unconscious Bias: Bridging the Distance Between Professed Values and Daily Behaviors” by Rosetta Eun Ryong Lee (March 2021)

Initiative Team Members

Susan Woods, Director of Community & Inclusion, lead
Abby Adams, Communications Manager
Tim Betzala, Dean of Faculty
Alfie Hobbs, Assistant Head of Upper School
Sarah Peeden, Assistant Head of Middle School
Kara Sterner, Director of Marketing and Communications
Jed Stotsenberg, Assistant Director of Athletics