At Pacific Ridge School, a commitment to inclusivity is an essential part of our mission. The school’s founders believed a community that represents academic excellence, ethical responsibility and global engagement is one in which diverse perspectives are both recognized and valued. We seek a wide range of students, families and employees who can contribute to our vibrant community, and commit to creating an inclusive environment in which all students feel valued and are able to participate to their fullest potential. Diversity enriches the educational experience for everyone, as each student has a unique contribution to make, and we learn from those whose perspectives and beliefs are different from our own. Ensuring that motivated students from a broad range of backgrounds have access to an outstanding education is also of prime ethical importance.

The school promotes a culture of inclusivity in several important ways.

Diversity, Inclusivity, Multiculturalism and Equity (DIME)
Students at Pacific Ridge have numerous opportunities to get involved with issues related to diversity, inclusivity, multiculturalism and equity (DIME). Several DIME groups are active on campus, and students and faculty have the opportunity each year to attend conferences and connect with DIME organizations at other schools, helping them develop leadership skills and promote on-campus work in this important area. Our service learning and global engagement programs immerse students in diverse communities near and far, while community-building programs such as Challenge Day encourage a campus environment of understanding and empathy.

Faculty Experience
Pacific Ridge teachers join our community from places across the country and around the globe. Currently, Pacific Ridge teachers hail from 23 different states and nine different countries, and most have lived, worked or studied abroad. Their diverse backgrounds and viewpoints enrich the classroom experience and provide insight into a wide range of human experiences.
Tuition Assistance
Since our opening in 2007, we have used need-based tuition assistance dollars to help build a student body with a variety of socio-economic backgrounds. The school allocates in excess of $2.9 million each year in tuition assistance for over 30% of its families. Funds are also dedicated to ensure that students are able to participate in the full educational program, including co-curricular activities and year-end global travel.
Student Body
Pacific Ridge families live in more than 30 different zip codes in San Diego County, come to Pacific Ridge from more than 30 different schools and represent a wide variety of backgrounds, family structures and belief systems. The presence and contributions of American Field Studies exchange students and a small number of international students further diversify our student body. In addition, the school offers a special tuition assistance program to support students who will be the first in their family to go to college.
Pacific Ridge School encourages students to explore beliefs and opinions from multiple perspectives and to see themselves as members of a global community. Making Pacific Ridge a welcoming community that embraces the individuality of all its members is essential to that process, and necessary for excellence at our school.