A great education is so much more than a course catalog.

The Pacific Ridge experience starts with outstanding academics, experienced teachers and an engaging, seminar-style learning environment. In addition, robust co-curricular extras are incorporated into the weekly and yearly program. Our unique calendar and schedule allow students to participate in a full academic load, service learning, clubs, grade-level projects and global travel all during the regular school week and year. We surround our students with opportunities to feed their desire to learn, practice real-world skills and discover their passions, all while maintaining balance in their busy lives.

Our unique schedule and curriculum give students 360 degrees of:

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    15 students sit with their teacher around a Harkness table, where lessons aren’t just taught; they are actively discussed. In addition to engaging in the classroom, students interact weekly with communities through Service Learning, designing solutions that address wide-ranging social issues. At the end of each school year, the whole school travels around the world for cultural exploration, academic study and service. Through this kind of engagement, students take ownership of their learning and understand that they can have an impact on the world. Learn more about Harkness here.

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    Electives and extra-curriculars are essential at Pacific Ridge. Augmenting our academic curriculum, weekly class periods are devoted to service learning, community projects, arts, clubs and grade-level projects. Middle School sports practice during the school day. Because of our schedule, students can participate in and benefit from a wide range of activities, while maintaining balance in their lives.

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    Students are guided by adults who know them well. Teachers serve as academic, service learning and club advisors, athletic coaches and even global trip leaders, while College Guidance counselors work closely with upper school students. Our teachers bring a wide range of life experiences, passions and perspectives to their work, and the multitude of ways they interact with students encourages deep, longlasting mentorships.

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    Pacific Ridge students are thoroughly prepared for the rigor of college academics. In addition, they are self-aware and practiced in essential 21st-century skills. Our graduates are known for their confidence, eloquence, compassion and collaborative spirit. They are ready to thrive, both in college and in a rapidly changing world.
"I'm really interested in science, both in class and in clubs, but at Pacific Ridge I was also able to help run a global magazine, play two sports through high school, try Model UN and travel to different countries. I had the time to explore my interests and figure out how I want to incorporate them into my life."  - Alumna, Class of 2017
"One of the things I love about Pacific Ridge is how my son can play sports, participate in several clubs, and put plenty of time into coursework while not feeling overwhelmed. The fact that they build time into the schedule for all these things makes a huge difference for him and for our family."                - Parent