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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Initiative 1

Grow the Faculty, Administration and Board of Trustees' Understanding of How DEI Informs How We Teach, Administer, and Govern Our School


To acknowledge, understand, and rewire our personal biases; to establish a baseline DEI fluency; to broaden our cultural competency to support authentic, positive interactions with students and each other


  • Unboxed Discussion Series: Regular community opportunities to lean into difficult conversations that are necessary for growth (Summer 2020)

  • 2020 faculty and staff required summer reading: How to Be An Anti-Racist, by Ibram X. Kendi, with bi-weekly summaries distributed

  • 2019 DEI-themed faculty and staff summer reading options curated by Director of Community and Inclusion

  • Recognized Affinity and Alliance group advisors as equivalent to Clubs and Service Learning advisors (piloting 2020-21 academic year) 

  • Ongoing attendance by faculty and Board representatives at NAIS People of Color Conference (since 2012) and Pollyanna Conference (since 2018)

On Deck

  • DEI and Governance workshops with Board of Trustees facilitated by Alison Park of Blink Rethinking Diversity (Fall 2020/Spring 2021)

  • Faculty Professional Development Allyship Workshop “It’s Not About What You Believe; It’s About What You Do” (August 2020)

  • Promote gender inclusivity through professional development with Gender Spectrum, including “Dimensions of Gender” and “From Perspective to Practice” (Spring 2021)

  • Anti-Bias workshop through the Anti-Defamation League (Spring 2021)

  • Faculty Professional Development “Beyond the Why and Into the How: Practical Steps Toward Inclusive Classrooms” facilitated by Rosetta Eun Ryong Lee (March 2021)



Initiative Team Members

Susan Woods, Director of Community & Inclusion, lead

Tim Betzela, Assistant Head of School & Dean of Faculty