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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Initiative 4

Increase Efforts to Attract, Retain, and Recognize a More Diverse Student Body


To actively identify and cultivate relationships in diverse communities throughout the San Diego area that help to spread awareness about the opportunity and value of Pacific Ridge School; to ensure that diverse enrolled students and their families have avenues of connection and support throughout their school experience


  • Engaged a Community Liaison to help identify community partnerships (2016)

  • Developed relationships with non-profit organizations, medical professionals, and public charter schools to raise awareness of PRS (2018 & 2019)

  • On-site information sessions and campus tours with leadership of community partners (both in English and Spanish) to encourage diverse families to engage with the admissions office (2018)

  • Translated admissions collateral and information to Spanish (2018)

  • Tracked diversity data over time, indicating an increase from 31% to 37% students of color over the last 5 years (ongoing)

  • “Stay” interviews to learn from, support, and retain current families with diverse identities (ongoing)

On Deck

  • Expand community partnerships to include more diverse feeder schools and organizations 

  • Create and cultivate a parent affinity group program in coordination with the Parent Engagement Initiative

  • Ensure that website and marketing materials reflect diversity goals 

  • Review application process and admissions criteria: identify aspects that may exclude or create barriers to entry for a diverse applicant pool; reconsider where opportunities are posted, how applications are sorted, how interviews are conducted and acceptance is determined



Initiative Team Members

Susan Woods, Director of Community & Inclusion

Alfie Hobbs, Head of Upper School

Julian Jones, World Languages teacher