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The Pacific Ridge Experience

Excellence Through Challenge

At Pacific Ridge, students in grades 6 through 12 are exposed to experiences that inspire their curiosity to keep learning and the determination to achieve the extraordinary.

Through a combination of interactive coursework, educational travel, service projects, and student-led activities, students are empowered to experiment with new ideas and interests, pursue their passions, and develop their voice. An encouraging community behind them connects support with motivation, giving students the opportunity to test and refine their skills through collaboration and dialogue. Whether it’s navigating the bustling streets of an international city or developing a service project for their home community, Pacific Ridge students are able to lead their path to learning, confident in the resources and inspiration they are offered along the way.

girl amd teacher with robotics project


Why Pacific Ridge?

Harkness Learning

At our Harkness tables, each student is seen, heard, and actively included, helping them to develop the critical thinking and open-mindedness to undertake anything that comes their way. 

Global Engagement

In our globally-focused curriculum and yearly travel program, students grow an awareness of perspectives, experiences, and ways of life beyond their own, preparing them to contribute to the world.

Academic Excellence

We incorporate real-world challenges, innovative approaches, and a growth mindset in all we do so our accomplishments extend well beyond what’s expected or required. 

The Arts at Pacific Ridge

Our campus is home to artistic endeavors of all kinds and we celebrate student creativity, innovation and self-expression as they are manifested in the classroom and beyond.

Ethical Responsibility

We endeavor to help students understand the complex challenges facing our society, the systems that create them, and the imperative to participate in solutions. 

Athletics at Pacific Ridge

Buoyed by the core values of commitment, accountability, respect, integrity, passion and community, Pacific Ridge athletes embrace challenge both on and off the field.

Community of Care

I am surrounded by people who really care about school, really care about each other, and really care about everything in between."- middle school student

Embracing the Unknown

Sending me to Pacific Ridge was honestly one of the best decisions my parents ever made. The best way I can say it is that Pacific Ridge makes change makers – the kind of people who understand the big picture and care about it enough to have a positive impact."- Alumnus

Opportunities to Explore

I'm really interested in science, both in class and in clubs, but at Pacific Ridge I was also able to help run a global magazine, play two sports through high school, try Model UN and travel to different countries. I had the time to explore my interests and figure out how I want to incorporate them into my life."  - ALUMNA

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