Academic excellence at Pacific Ridge prepares students for college and life beyond. Our experienced faculty have designed a curriculum that emphasizes rigorous, college-preparatory study, while a wide array of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities engage and inspire students every day. In our program, students find that learning is a lifelong pursuit, and the world contains many kinds of classrooms.

Students actively engage in our Harkness classrooms.

Our program has been carefully developed to ensure that the real-world issues our students will encounter are recognized by all parts of their curriculum. Discussing these issues in seminar-style "Harkness" classrooms promotes important 21st century skills, including:

  • critical thinking
  • careful listening
  • articulate, respectful communication
  • collaboration

Curricular Integration gives learning context and meaning.

Integrating content and values across academic disciplines and throughout the educational experience is central to our mission. Students learn to make connections between and beyond traditional discplines in a way that adds depth, breadth and purpose to learning.

Our academic program connects students to the world.

Our co-curricular programs, including global education and service learning, give students hands-on opportunities to take their learning beyond the classroom walls. At Pacific Ridge, we aim to educate responsible, involved citizens of both the local community and the world at large, and to show students that their studies can make a meaningful impact on their lives and the lives of others.