Inspiring Teachers

Where going "above and beyond" is the norm.

Our faculty members come from around the country and around the world, having studied at top universities. They bring with them a wealth of experience, global perspectives and a desire to innovate.
In addition to academic disciplines, teachers are organized into grade-level, collaborative teams that meet twice weekly to share instructional best practices, discuss ways to integrate the curriculum and ensure that each student is challenged and supported to reach his or her potential.
At Pacific Ridge, the teacher’s role extends to all aspects of school life. Faculty members guide student advisory groups, serve as service learning advisors and lead global trips. They supervise clubs and activities, and coach athletic teams. Through the Harkness method and this intensely student-focused educational approach, our teachers develop enduring relationships with students that go far beyond the classroom. They become mentors and friends who care deeply about the growth, well-being and success of each student.

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  • 9:1

    overall student-teacher ratio
  • 15

    students in a classroom
  • 76%

    faculty with advanced degrees
  • 3

    hours per week set aside for grade-level faculty team meetings

The Value of Feedback

In addition to assignment and trimester grades, students receive formal teacher feedback on individual assignments, through parent-student-teacher conferences in the fall, written interim comments in the winter and Student-Led Conferences in the spring. Faculty members are also available to meet with students individually during and after the school day.