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Middle School Harkness discussion Pacific Ridge School

Inclusive conversations, open minds, and new ideas

It all starts in the classroom with small, lively discussions around the Harkness table. Our approach to education involves empowering students with the confidence to engage with challenging material and appreciate diverse perspectives. Each student is seen, heard, and actively included, which helps them to develop the critical thinking and open-mindedness to undertake anything that comes their way.

“It definitely prepares you for college and the real world. It is an eye-opener.”

- Alumnus

“Harkness has not only changed the way I think in the classroom, but also outside of school.”

- Alumna

“Without the Harkness table, I would  not be as comfortable with my character and myself as I am now.”

- Alumna

“I can’t think of a better way to describe Harkness discussions than incredible.”

- Alumnus