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Middle School Curriculum

Experience the new standard of academic excellence.

Our middle school curriculum offers the best of both traditional and innovative educational practices.

Classes of 15 students around seminar-style Harkness tables benefit from a combination of one-on-one instruction and dynamic, small-group discussion, while academic content is integrated across disciplines to provide context and greater meaning. Our comprehensive, college-preparatory program is enriched and balanced by co-curricular and extra-curricular offerings built into the school day and yearly calendar. Guided by caring and experienced teachers, students are encouraged to discover their passions, develop their authentic voice and apply their learning out in the world.

Middle School students pursue the following courses of study: social and community studies, American studies, life science, conceptual physics, mathematics, English, world language (French, Spanish, or Mandarin), the Middle School Arts Program, service learning, and physical education. In conjunction with the Middle School Service Learning Program, the integrated program transforms Middle School students into active local citizens.