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Follow your own rhythm.

Inside and outside the classroom, dance is an essential, joyful, and celebratory part of the arts at Pacific Ridge.

Middle School

Sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade students are exposed to a variety of dance forms as part of the Middle School Arts Program. Students are introduced to jazz, hip-hop, dance for musical theater, contemporary dance, and tap. In years past, line dancing, Zumba, lyrical dance, and site-specific interpretive dance have also been included in the courses.

Upper School

Upper School students who continue their study of dance have the opportunity to progress through four levels of dance. All courses feature the study of dance history in addition to technique. Students study ballet, contemporary, hip hop, dance for musical theater, and a brief introduction to tap, with a special emphasis on improving jazz technique as a foundation for other disciplines. As part of these classes, students also learn how to create and teach their own choreography.

Performance Opportunities

Outside of the classroom, dancers showcase their skills during several on-campus performances including the Arts Showcase, Dance Concert, Gingerbread Breakfast and Spring Arts Festival. Dance is also traditionally incorporated in the high school and middle school musicals. Upper school dance students participate in a dance convention annually such as the NUVO dance convention and competition. In addition, dance opportunities exist in our Service Learning program and in collaboration with other classes and student groups, such as the creation of dance films.

young woman and young man dancing
ballet dancer in red dress