Digital Media Arts

Have an eye for design? Come learn about composition, perspective and the art of the image.
Digital photography, graphic design and filmmaking classes focus on visual communication. Middle School options include graphic design and photography. Upper School options include photography, graphic design and filmmaking.

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  • Photography

    In photography classes, students learn how to communicate and analyze still images, both as photographers and viewers. As they capture images, students think about how light interacts with objects, how the human eye perceives objects and how the camera lens translates those objects onto a two-dimensional surface. With digital photography, students learn to retouch, manipulate, and manufacture images. The class as a whole discusses the implications of the digital revolution for visual images: is seeing really believing anymore? Students interested in pursuing photography outside of class are welcome to join weekly meetings of the Photography Club as well.
  • Graphic Design

    While studying graphic design, students focus on three major elements used to convey visual messages: composition, color, and typography. They also master a number of software programs, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver, which enable them to edit photos and graphics, create multi-page publications, and design websites. As they gain fluency in the unique language of graphics, students become more confident finding creative solutions to multifaceted design challenges.
  • Filmmaking

    The 8th-grade digital media arts course provides the foundation for upper school filmmaking. 8th-grade digital media arts students learn the foundations of storytelling y blending photography and graphic design. In upper school filmmaking classes, students engage in the process of videography by forming their own story ideas and then creating and editing digital video. In addition, students study film and video concepts as well as engage in film critique. The Archive service learning group provides filmmaking students with additional experience outside of the classroom as videographers and documentarians.