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Carnegie Hall, Spring 2017

Seventh and eighth-grade students begin exploring music in the Middle School Arts Program, where they are grouped according to their musical interests and experience. Both Middle and Upper School students who choose to continue with music can study in a Jazz/Rock Ensemble, Vocal Ensemble, or Orchestra elective in which they can hone their skills as singers and musicians.

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  • Advanced Placement

    AP Music Theory for students in grades 10 - 12 is a UC-accredited honors course for students with an interest in college-level study of music theory and composition.
  • Jazz/Rock Ensemble

    Jazz/Rock Ensemble is a UC-accredited course that teaches the history of jazz and rock music along with the general music theory necessary to understand the fundamentals of improvisation. Students learn how to play correctly and expressively both alone and in groups, with emphasis on composition, improvisation, blending and understanding musical notation. At the same time, students gain a context for music they enjoy: the history of jazz/rock, the influence of jazz/rock on society, and the connection of jazz/rock music to other scholastic disciplines. Finally, students are asked to respond critically to new music, both recorded and live.
  • Orchestra

    Orchestra is a UC-accredited performing ensemble that focuses primarily on “classical” music (from the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic eras). The group also performs some contemporary music (e.g., pop, film music) and strives to make inventive use of the musicians and instruments available to the ensemble. The orchestra performs on campus at least twice during the school year, and takes part in the annual Pacific Ridge Arts Festival in the spring.
  • Vocal Ensemble

    Vocal Ensemble is a UC-accredited course open to students who enjoy singing; no previous experience is required. In this class students learn the technical aspects of good singing, including breath support, creating good tone, expanding range, and singing in various languages. Students study repertoire from a variety of genres including classical, pop, Broadway, Renaissance, gospel, folk, and jazz. The Upper School Vocal Ensemble performs at school concerts, coffee houses, and community outreach events. A small group of students from the Vocal Ensemble performs each year at an adjudicated, national music festival. Past performances at the Heritage Music Festival have taken place in New York City, San Francisco and Anaheim.