Studio Art

Step into our studio and discover all that you can create.
Studio art classes at Pacific Ridge School encourage the development of artistic sensibilities through a number of different mediums, including drawing, painting, sculpture, and ceramics.

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  • Middle School

    Seventh and eighth graders are introduced to visual arts in the Middle School Arts Program, where they gain an understanding of design concepts and technical skills by working with new materials, learning new techniques and delving into art history. Along with sketchbook assignments, students create drawings, paintings, collages, and sculptures using imagery that reflects and enhances the “big picture” ideas being discussed across the Middle School curriculum. Students also participate in written and group critiques as part of their formal assessments.
  • Upper School

    Upper School students who take studio art electives and 11th graders who continue on with the Honors Visual Arts course take an in-depth look at major foundations of art such as historical context, basics of design, and knowledge of media. They work in sketchbooks, design and execute both 2D and 3D compositions, as well as participate in written and group critiques as part of their formal assessments. By touching on many time periods and cultures, students come to understand different movements in art and the artists that influenced these movements. Visual arts enhance the overarching philosophical questions discussed across the Upper School curriculum, while guiding students as they discover more about themselves as creative beings.

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