Middle School presents a wonderful opportunity for students to either try new sports or to continue with those they have played before.
Pacific Ridge's middle school athletic program teaches lifelong skills and habits such as organization, persistence, patience, teamwork, humility, balance and open-mindedness. We emphasize the benefits of a "growth mindset" in all our programs, but especially with our middle school students, who come in all shapes and sizes, and who typically possess a wide range of skills and abilities.
Many of our middle school students are already seasoned competitors eager to play a team sport for their school, yet many of their peers have never played on a team. To ensure that all students desiring to play sports are placed on the right team, Pacific Ridge abides by a “no-cut” policy; meaning, athletes might not have the skills to make the highest level of a team, but they will always have a team, the correct team given their skills and experience, to play on and enjoy. In addition to competitive sports, Pacific Ridge offers middle school students a comprehensive physical education program. Please visit our Physical Education page for more information.
Teams and PE classes train two to three times each week, during the school day. Games are usually two days per week, after school and/or on the weekends.

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    Middle school sports teams compete in the South Coast Middle School League (SCMSL). The SCMSL North Division includes Army Navy Academy, Maranatha Christian, Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego Jewish Academy, Santa Fe Christian, and Tri-City Christian Schools.