Pacific Ridge School’s Physical Education (PE) program teaches students fitness concepts and strength and conditioning techniques used for achieving and maintaining lifelong physical health. In addition to strength and fitness training, the curriculum includes, but is not limited to, sections of basketball, touch football, volleyball, badminton, ultimate frisbee, and various games that employ ball skills, teamwork, strategy, and hand-eye coordination; each sport section lasts approximately four weeks. 

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  • Middle School

    Middle School students are required to participate in physical education or a team sport throughout seventh and eighth grade. Both physical education classes and team sport practices meet two to three times per week during the school day, and thereby offer a wonderful opportunity for middle school student-athletes to have fun, learn lifelong skills, and blow off steam in the middle of their busy days.
  • Upper School

    Upper school students are required to participate in five trimesters of either PE or an upper school sport, as well as one trimester of Health (California state standard), and we expect student-athletes to complete these graduation requirements by the end of their sophomore year. Physical education classes meet two to three times per week, during the school day. Independent PE (IPE) is offered for student-athletes who are participating at an advanced level in a sport not currently offered by Pacific Ridge School. To balance their time-consuming independent athletic commitments, IPE student-athletes use their dedicated PE period as a study period. Certain criteria must be met for a course of IPE to be approved, and there is an application process.