We support and care for our student-athletes.

Strength & Conditioning

The strength and conditioning program is designed to reduce the risk of injury and transform an athlete’s physical performance in their chosen sport(s). It focuses on movement quality to measure and track speed, agility, jumping ability, strength, and mobility. Using a movement assessment and a data-driven approach, Coach Wheel aims to individualize the program based on athletic goals and movements patterns needed to achieve them. All upper school students have access to Pacific Ridge’s strength and conditioning program. Students can choose “Sports Performance” as their Physical Education class during their 9th and 10th grade years. After school, Coach Wheel organizes training sessions for off-season athletes and in-season teams. Middle school students may also participate on a space-available basis and during the summer program. Coach Wheel’s goal is to use performance training to not only transform athleticism, but confidence, resiliency, and persistence in an energetic and challenging environment.

Athletic Training

Our athletic trainer, Melissa Guney-Fryan, works to provide prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions sustained by student-athletes. All Pacific Ridge students have access to the athletic trainer.
The athletic trainer assists with student-athletes’ treatment and rehabilitation after injury and works with families to provide medical clearance for return to sports participation. She is present for on-campus practices and games to ensure a safe playing environment and to care for injuries sustained during play. Ms. Guney-Fryan’s primary goal is to provide quality care to get student-athletes back on the field, court, or rink after injury as safely and quickly as possible.