The Pacific Ridge surf team will be competing under the Scholastic Surf Series (SSS), which is affiliated with the Western Surfing Association.  News,  information, and contest results can be found at SSS's often-updated website: . 
Scholastic Surf Series, Division V

Co-Head Coach: Chris Webber
Mr. Webber has been surfing since the age of 5 having encouraged to try it by his father and older brother.  He surfed competitively throughout his school years in South Africa and has surfed all over the world. Mr. Webber currently lives in Cardiff and tries to surf as often as possible. He is passionate about the sport and is also an avid follower of professional surfing.  

Co-Head Coach: Jamie Kelso
Mr. Kelso grew up in Florida and has been surfing since the age of 10. Already an avid competitive water skier, he quickly became hooked on wave riding. This passion eventually drew him to the West Coast. He has now lived in Oregon, Hawaii, La Jolla, and presently loves living in Cardiff. He is thrilled to share his surfing passion with like-minded students at Pacific Ridge.