The Pacific Ridge Extension program provides the opportunity for students to explore various disciplines in an informal learning environment. Extension courses for fall/winter 2021 are only open to enrolled Pacific Ridge students.

Fall/Winter 2021 Offerings

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  • Advanced Shakespeare Workshop (8 weeks)

    Program Dates: Thursdays, December 2 - February 10 (not meeting December 16)
    Time: 3:15 - 5:15 p.m.
    Grades: 9-12* (see below for requirements)
    Instructor: Cosmo Cothran-Bray
    Cost: $400

    *This course is intended for students who already have some level of experience with Shakespearean language and acting. In order to participate, a student must have either acted in a full-length Shakespeare play or have participated in at least TWO years of the Shakespeare monologue competition. 
    This course is designed to take students to the next level of Shakespearean performance, something not normally addressed in high school. We will be focusing on a variety of techniques and ideas, including the hidden stage directions embedded into Shakespearean text by way of particular sounds and metrical variations. Students will memorize a variety of short monologues, read full-length plays together, rehearse scenes, practice particular exercises aimed at strengthening their understanding of the language, and integrate skills from English class to analyze Shakespearean verse as literature as well as drama. If you are looking for a way to level up your Shakespearean understanding and learn skills/techniques usually reserved for college-level actors, then this class is the perfect opportunity for you.
  • Girls Write (8 weeks)

    Program Dates: Thursday Afternoons, December 1 - February 2 (8 sessions)
    Time: 3:15 - 4:45 
    Grades: 7 - 12
    Instructor: Dina McQueen
    Cost: $240
    This 8-week writing adventure provides a safe, welcoming space for those who wish to explore the practice and craft of writing. Though we will not be focusing on the rules of writing, participants who wish to work on the mechanics of their process will be provided the space to do so with input from the instructor, professional writer and teacher Dina McQueen. Each 90-minute session will be conducted in workshop format, wherein timed free writing via prompts are the focus. We will also explore poetry, creative nonfiction, and memoir-like writing activities. Upon completion of the sessions, each writer will have the opportunity to publish their work on the Girls Write San Diego Blog. You can learn more about Girls Write and Dina McQueen at:
  • Middle School Debate (6 weeks)

    Program Dates: Tuesdays, January 4 - February 8
    Time: 3:15 - 4:15 p.m.
    Grades: 7-8
    Instructor: Spencer Burrows
    Cost:  $150
    I’m not arguing with you, I’m just explaining why I’m right! In Middle School Debate, students will work together to research a topic, write an argument for or against a resolution, and present their case. PRS competes in the Orange County Debate League, and this course will prepare students to compete on the PRS Middle School Debate Team in league tournaments. We will discuss strategies for not only building one's own case but also anticipating counterarguments and responding directly to an opponent's claims. We will also hone our research skills and explore topics with real-world relevance, while practicing good sportsmanship and teamwork. Contact Mr. Burrows at with any questions.
  • Woodworking (8 Weeks)

    Program Dates: Thursday Afternoons, December 2 - February 3 
    Time: 3:15  - 5:15 p.m.
    Grades: 7 - 12
    Instructor: Peyton Bray
    Cost: $325 - includes $25 materials fee
    This once-per-week course is designed to make students feel comfortable using hand and power tools to build, fix, and solve problems.  Students will receive instruction in different ways to cut, attach, shape, and finish wood and other materials, while also learning how to handle tools safely.  Each student will leave the after-school program with a finished project of his or her own design and the knowledge of how to use tools to create solutions.
  • Piano - Beginners or Returners (7 weeks)

    Program Dates: Tuesday Afternoons, January 4 - February 15
    Time: 3:15 - 4:15 p.m.
    Grades: 7 - 12
    Instructor: Peggy Mira
    Cost: $175
    This weekly class is for those who would like to explore the piano for the first time or to become re-acquainted with it.  Students will learn in our piano lab where there are individual keyboard and computer setups. Each student can progress at their own pace using headphones so they won’t be heard unless they want to be heard. Students can even be connected via headphones so that they can play together. We will use the school’s Playground program as the basis for learning. Students will be given access so that they can spend time with the piano at home. The objective of the class is to enjoy getting to know the piano. The class will conclude with each student sharing a piece that they have learned with the class. The course will run for 7 weeks.

    Click HERE for a message from Ms. Mira.
  • Saturday Morning Birdwatching (Individual Sessions)

    Program Dates: Saturday, December 4 | Saturday, January 8 | Saturday, February 5
    Time: 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
    Location:  Local lagoons & parks
    Grades: 7-12
    Instructor: Julian Jones
    Cost: $50

    *Off-Campus: This course will run entirely off campus at bird watching locations. Participants will be responsible for transporting themselves to and from the sites.  Other dates may be added depending on participant interest.
    Students and parents can enroll in one session at a time or in multiple sessions.  Each enrolled person will be introduced to the amazing avian world of North County San Diego.  Participants will learn to spot, identify, and record sightings in this outdoor class.  While out in the various habitats found in North County, everyone will learn basic skills associated with ornithology in the best classroom: nature! You will leave with a general understanding of how and where to find certain common bird species found in North County San Diego, how to interact with the natural world without disturbing it, and how to get involved in the citizen science world. Mornings are the best times to see bird activity in their natural habitats, so come enjoy the beautiful wildlife that is all around us!


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