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Jumpstart for Juniors: Career Day at PRS

Jumpstart for Juniors: Career Day at PRS
PRS Communications

"Ignite" Career Day Gives Students a Chance to Explore Future Professions

"We're really trying to show students what their futures could be — asking them to think about the role they have in defining their future," says Eva Schmidt, director of innovation & internships.

In November 2023, PRS hosted their annual "Ignite" Career Day, with over 60 professionals offering insights and conversations around their career paths. The event began with a panel discussion of four professionals paths, and then students had the opportunity to sit down for roundtable visits with three careers fields of their interest.

As careers are created and evolving every day, often by the people in them, it is important to learn about the range and nuance of many career fields, what is involved in the day-to-day of those practices, and a possible path to such a career.

"Ignite" Career Day kicks off the junior class trajectory at PRS, encouraging students to look to the future. Choice and autonomy are major themes for the year, as juniors are allowed to select classes that pique their curiosity. Throughout the year, each junior is encouraged to identify and set up a career-focused interview, then create a presentation to educate the school community about their experience. Students start to see themselves outside of the Pacific Ridge Community, and begin building their experience to one that mirrors their imagination.

Watch a recap of "Ignite" and hear from students and alumni about their experience.

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