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Student Support

Whenever you need it, we are here to help.

The mission of the Student Support Team is to assess and attend to the academic, social-emotional and physical needs of our students.

Student Support Center Pacific Ridge School

Learning Center

The Pacific Ridge Learning Center supports students’ academic success through offering student accommodation plans, group workshops, individual support meetings, and office hours. Our Student Support Specialists work closely with students who have accommodations to ensure their success at school. Current students may contact Student Support to discuss eligibility for accommodations.

Student workshops are offered throughout the year to build student skills in the areas of organization, reading comprehension, assessment preparation, academic motivation, study skills, test anxiety and stress management.


In addition to academic support, Pacific Ridge School offers students support for social and emotional learning with the goal of building skills. Our workshops and other support sessions target the recognition and management of emotions, mindfulness, self-care, relationship building, stress management, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.  When necessary, our team of licensed mental health clinicians can offer referrals to outside providers to help support students in the classroom and beyond.

Health Center

To support student health, a registered nurse is available on campus during school hours. The Health Office oversees all provided medical services and ensures that prescription medications are available to students on campus, during weekly off-campus service learning work, and on field trips. In addition, our nurses provide preparation and health support for students participating in the global travel program.

For more information about Student Support, please visit the School Information Hub in PowerSchool.

Erika Pike, PPS
Dir. of Student    Support
Student Support Specialist
Haley Rietman
Student Support Specialist
Renee Bertken, MSN, RN, PHN
Lead School Nurse