Global Education

Global Education

A journey to thinking and acting on a global scale

Travel Program Progression

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  • Middle School: Local Citizens

    6th and 7th graders explore nature and small communities in Big Bear and Catalina Island; 8th graders consider notions of civic action and national government in Washington, D.C.
  • 9th & 10th Grade: World Travelers

    Students in these two grades gain important independence and experience traveling internationally and exploring wilderness environments in the U.S.
  • 11th & 12th Grade: Global Citizens

    In their final two years at Pacific Ridge School, students are challenged to take part in school-designed international or domestic travel programs or to design their own year-end trips or internships. Students who develop their own trips or internships are eligible to apply for travel grants, which require presentations before both a faculty committee and panel of Pacific Ridge community members as part of the application process, as well as a presentation to the Pacific Ridge community in the fall after travel is completed. Both school-designed and student-designed travel experiences encourage students to consider themselves, their education and their future in a global context.
Nearly 90% of Pacific Ridge students participate in the Global Travel program each year.
At Pacific Ridge, global engagement encompasses both perspective and action. Global issues are woven throughout our curriculum and students aspire to a global outlook by immersing themselves in communities and cultures other than their own, whether near or far. Students pursue engagement through academic enrichment, cultural and linguistic immersion, and service work. These activities lead to an understanding of the interdependency of cultures and the inspiration to act for the good of the world.

By 12th grade, students will have achieved a number of goals, among them:

  • To experience the unfamiliar
  • To “become comfortable with the uncomfortable”
  • To reflect on their home culture in a new way
  • To realize something greater than themselves

The final weeks of the school year are reserved for class trips, with families and Pacific Ridge School working together to make it possible for all students to participate. Students travel with a purpose: they aim for cultural connection as they strengthen their understanding of the year’s curriculum and take learning beyond the classroom walls. Students travel according to grade level and are accompanied by faculty and professional trip guides.

Global Trips

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  • 6th Grade: Big Bear, CA

    Sixth graders gain outdoor skills  and bond as a group in a several-day excursion to Big Bear. They camp and explore the beautiful environment through expeditions such as hiking through the mountains and kayaking on Big Bear Lake.
  • 7th Grade: Catalina Island, CA

    Seventh graders learn leadership skills in a four-day excursion to Catalina Island. They camp for three nights and explore the beautiful environment through day-long expeditions such as hiking through the island. Group challenges encourage students to develop the teamwork and interpersonal skills central to effective leadership.
  • 8th Grade: Washington, D.C.

    Eighth graders deepen their yearlong study of American politics, government and history during a one-week trip to Washington, D.C. Staying on the Georgetown University campus and working in partnership with an educational foundation, our students take a rich thematic approach to learning about our nation’s capital.
  • 9th Grade: Northern Sierras Wilderness

    9th graders spend ten days developing leadership and small group cooperation in the California wilderness as they learn to succeed in unfamiliar circumstances. During their trip, students complete an environmental service project, participate in whitewater kayaking, and take on the challenge of a 3-day backpacking trip in Yosemite or Point Reyes National Seashore.
  • 10th Grade: The Americas

    In 10th grade, students develop as world travelers. Heading to destinations outside the United States for two weeks offers them an international experience during which they explore ancient sites discussed in history and science classes, learn about the lives of rural and urban workers, volunteer, and have the option of a home stay.
  • 11th/12th Grade: School-Designed Trips

    School-designed trips for 11th and 12th grade are themed, tying each destination to an area of academic study, service, cultural immersion or a combination of these three. 2017-2018 trips include:

    • American Southwest: Outdoor Immersion
    • Austin, Texas: Entrepreneurship
    • Chile: Astronomy
    • Costa Rica: Cultural Immersion
    • Martinique: L'ile aux Fleurs
    • Malaysia & Singapore: Gems of SE Asia
    • South Africa: Post-Colonial Studies
    • Thailand: Rebuilding Lives & Communities
  • 11th/12th Grade: Student-Designed Trips

    Examples of recent student-designed trip destinations include:

    • Shanghai
    • Florence, Italy
    • Mexico
    • Tanzania
    • Ghana
    • South Korea
    • Cuba
    • Iceland
    • Chicago
    • Kenya
    • Japan
    • Peru
    • Morocco
    • Germany