Mika Ellison Interns Alongside Research Students at Coi Pharmaceuticals

Internships are important because it gives students an opportunity to learn with someone who is actually engaging in the work daily. It provides context and depth to a student's classroom experience." - Tom Kaever, mentor. Pacific Ridge School student Mika Ellison ('20) from Encinitas had the opportunity this summer to work alongside research students at Coi Pharmaceuticals where their research had implications for treating cancers and autoimmune diseases. In the lab setting, Mika reflected on how different it was from just following a lab protocol in class. She had so much more independence, and she also quickly learned how important it was to have insurance for your mistakes. In school, it’s not really a big deal if there’s a mistake in a lab, but in this setting, a spill or contamination can set you back several days, weeks or even months.