Student Walkout in Support of the Climate Change Strike

When planning the Climate Walkout, Carlsbad resident Ally Davidowski (’21) and San Marcos resident Jaiv Doshi (’21) had two objectives in mind: to clarify what climate change is and what the climate movement aims to achieve and to highlight key ways they, as students, can work towards ending climate change. Speakers focused on political action, individual steps and what they can do to sustain a community in a healthy way. Ally stated "It is important that youth like us take action, as we are the next generation of voters and we are eager for change." The walkout reminded students that their individual actions are important contributions to the larger ones required to improve the state of our planet. Jaiv says "It was refreshing to see students from the middle school come up to us and thank us for calling attention to Climate Change and I hope that through the walkout we may inspire these children to continue the fight."