Beloved Community Wraps Up

The phrase Beloved Community was first coined by philosopher Josiah Royce and was then popularized by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu in the late 50's to describe a “society based on justice, equal opportunity and love of fellow human beings.” The past year and a half our world has been shaped by a global pandemic, racial reckoning, ongoing climate change, and monumental elections. Our students continue to make sense of the world they live in and grapple with the ideas of community and their role in being change agents.
This past school year, middle school students were asked to acknowledge these life-changing moments and create positive momentum towards change. They began by defining community and acknowledging their assets within them. Next, students analyzed the ideas of the Beloved Community by reading articles, watching videos, and reading books in English and History. Lastly, utilizing their own gifts and talents, students created projects reflecting concepts of a Beloved Community. These projects lived within seven categories: Website Design, Art, Film, Crafts, Creative Writing, Music, and Community Service. 
To check out the 7th and 8th grade pages, click the links below. 

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