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Sophomores Plant Seeds of Social Entrepreneurship

For the past several months, sophomores have been working to devise sustainable solutions for a selected community and need.
Students collaborated on five social action projects, working in areas such as project management, research, engineering, and marketing. On Wednesday, April 29th, each project team presented to the school community and a panel of judges. The winning groups, 'Craft Care Kits' and 'Match Politics' were offered grants to move forward with their ideas. Congratulations to all the public-spirited entrepreneurs in the sophomore class who worked on the following projects: 
Match Politics: A website that connects youth to political candidates or propositions they may be interested in based on common ideologies     
Craft Care Kits: Sending craft materials to children in hospitals as a means of fostering patient creativity and stress relief
Tune Back Time: Providing personalized playlists and music players to Alzheimer's patients as a means of stimulating memory 
Yelp for Help: An online database that serves to connect charitable organizations with those in need
Sixth Sense: An e-learning site for the arts 
Pay if Forward Pizza Project: Recruiting local restaurants to implement pay-ahead policies, where customers can choose to gift food or meals to the homeless or hungry
Second Voice: A blog featuring curated, creative writing from troubled youth who could benefit from self expression