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Vocal, Jazz/Rock Ensembles Awarded "Gold"

Congratulations to the Pacific Ridge Vocal and Jazz/Rock Ensembles, who received "Gold" ratings at last weekend's San Francisco Festival of Gold.
Jazz/Rock also won a special Adjudicator Award for scoring an impressive 95 out of 100 points. Senior Ben Gottesman was one of just 20 students out of the nearly 1,000 participating in the festival to receive a Maestro Award for exceptional performance. Additionally, ten Pacific Ridge students were chosen from nearly 400 singers to take part in the Festival of Gold honor choir performance: Rachael Bell, Kayla Causey, Finn Chow, Ben Desoto Mayor, Britta Gullahorn, Sebastian Green, Jared Pollard, Logan Snodgrass, Liam Spooner and Christa Walton. Congratulations to all the musicians and vocalists on a successful weekend of performances!