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Mr. Melius Explores The Big Advantages of Tiny Living

How do we equip current and future generations with the tools they need for sustainable living practices?
The Dumpster Project, an educational initiative launched at Huston-Tillotson University, is encouraging exploration of that large question by inviting educators to spend time in a small, converted dumpster. Pacific Ridge physics teacher Brad Melius is one of five educators to log time living in the 36-square foot waste-container shell this summer. During his two-night stay, Mr. Melius says he gained a better sense of what he can live without (excess space, "stuff") and what he'd rather not live without (an "in-residence" restroom - dumpster guests used the facilities in a nearby university building). His firsthand experience with minimalistic living will serve Pacific Ridge students well as he and Mr. Bray launch a Tiny House Design and Construction STEAM elective this year.