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9th-Grade Students Impress With Eloquence

On Wednesday, April 13th, Pacific Ridge students, faculty and staff were treated to a series of articulate and persuasive orations at Community Life.
The eight speakers were winners of a preliminary round of speeches made by every member of the Class of 2019. Ninth graders prepared topics of their own choosing and spent five weeks writing, peer editing, revising and practicing their presentations. The finalists, who spoke on everything from the importance of music education to the dangers of racial stereotyping, were assessed by a panel of judges including upperclassmen and adult members of the Pacific Ridge community. Congratulations to all orations participants and to the following winners and finalists:
1st Place: Jordi Bertran 
2nd Place: Max Potter 
3rd Place: Maylane Gerber 
Finalists: Connor Dunham, Anjali Haripriyan, Jett Jacobs, Emily Regnery, Savannah So'oto