Global Travel Group Gives Back, With Help From Crocs, Inc.

During last year's Global Travel trip to Ladakh, India, students stayed at the Lingshed Area Residential Hostel in Leh. Fellow hostel inhabitants included 105 children, some as young as seven, living away from family eleven months of the year in order to seek educational opportunities unavailable in the remote Himalayan Villages they call home. Our students noticed that the children wore Crocs for everything from playing soccer to completing chores, and that most were worn out or the wrong size. Upon returning home, the group sent a letter to Crocs asking for a donation, and the company responded by sending 115 pairs of shoes - enough for the entire hostel and its staff. The hostel, which is supported solely through private donations, is in danger of having to close in December when funds run out. Students have launched a fundraiser to keep the hostel open.