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We integrate technology in a way that deepens the learning process.

Today’s technology presents abundant opportunities for innovative teaching and learning.

In the classroom, technology gives teachers a wide range of tools to present information, engage students and assess their work. More than ever, it allows students to connect their learning to the world around them. At Pacific Ridge, we use technology to advance all aspects of our programs, while helping students master skills they will need for future success.

1:1 Laptop Program

Pacific Ridge has utilized a 1:1 laptop program for high school students since 2012, and middle school students since 2015. Laptops are used by students daily for internet research, data analysis, multimedia projects, written work and other computing tasks.

Online Learning Management System

Assignments and classroom resources are available through our online learning management system, PowerSchool (formerly Haiku). Students, faculty and parents can access digital files, video, websites and other resources on pages set up for each class. Assignments can be submitted and graded digitally, reducing the need for paper and printing.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Each Pacific Ridge classroom includes a large, flat-panel TV or smart board for streaming content or connecting to people and information in distant locations. Our Arts & Technology Center contains a broadcasting studio, photography studio, two graphic design labs and a Design & Fabrication studio. Wireless internet is available across campus.

Dedicated Technology Educators

Our teachers are well-versed in the use of technology tools to enhance the learning process. In addition, Pacific Ridge employs a  full-time Facilitator of Tech-Based Projects who helps teachers in all disciplines incorporate technology projects into the curriculum. The projects are designed to enhance subject-based learning while exposing students to various types of technology, including film and broadcasting, coding, 3D design and online media.

Digital Skills

Middle school students receive training in digital literacy in the Middle School Skills class, a weekly period dedicated to developing strong habits across the academic spectrum. Computer programming and 3D modeling and design are taught in the 8th-grade skills class and programming is a popular upper school elective.