Activities & Clubs

You've heard of the Firebird Spirit. But have you felt it?

A campus where students take the lead, inspiring each other along the way
Pacific Ridge students like to be involved, and we offer many activities for them to pursue. Weekly Community Life sessions and Service Learning give students the chance to broaden the scope of their education as they listen to, work alongside, and interact with members of our local and global communities. Student Council and Model U.N. inspire students to take on leadership positions, while social events such as dances and barbecues give them a chance to let loose and enjoy themselves.

Arts and Performance days showcase the tremendous talent of our budding dramatic, visual, dance, and musical artists. Students strengthen their writing skills and show their creative flair in the yearbook, school newspaper, and literary and arts magazines. Finally, Pacific Ridge School supports numerous clubs, some of which include Art, Improv Theater, Robotics, Music, Science Olympiad, Surf, Tech, and Sports clubs. These student-initiated and student-led clubs meet weekly during the school day and show the depth of students’ enthusiasm for cultural connection, creativity, and just plain fun.