Piano, Vocal, or Performance Lessons/Coaching

    • Peggy Mira

Extension courses are open to both Pacific Ridge students and students from other schools. 

Dates and times:
To be arranged with instructor
Grade levels: 
$610 for 15 half-hour lessons
Peggy Mira

About the instructor

Peggy Mira is a singer, songwriter, and music teacher.  She teaches piano, voice, songwriting, and performance coaching.  She is a passionate philanthropist and volunteer performing regularly for people in assisted living facilities with her music students. Her holiday collection entitled “Christmas Songs” benefits her sponsored children in Children International.  Other charities she has volunteered with include Resounding Joy where she co-wrote songs with veterans.  She holds a Bachelor of Music in Voice and Theater from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

I like to talk with each student before starting sessions to hear their expectations of and reasons for taking the session they’ve chosen.  I will then tailor the sessions to help them achieve what they want to achieve. It is not so important the level they achieve but their enjoyment of the process.  When the student is having fun and learning then the music can be played freely.


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Questions about the after-school extension program? Please contact Steve Dziekonski at sdziekonski@pacificridge.org.