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2018-2019 Service Learning

2018-2019 Service Learning Groups

Service Learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich each student's academic experience, teach civic and ethical responsibility, and strengthen communities for the common good. Built into the curriculum and the school schedule, the Service Learning program guides students as they take abstract concepts and apply them in real-world situations. Students meet during a weekly 80-minute block to hone their skills in problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership. Service projects require students to collaborate with local and global communities to reach concrete, realistic goals.

This year's Upper School Service Learning groups include:

  • 4K Initiative -Advocacy for early childhood ed in underserved communities 
  •  Adapted Aquatics - providing swim activities for individuals with disabilities
  • Alternative Energy Sources - Using chemistry to find greener solutions
  • Amnesty International – Campaigning for human rights around the world
  • The Archive – Producing videos for Service Learning groups and local non-profits
  • Bestow - Supporting foster children in SD
  • Brand New Day – Promoting domestic violence awareness and prevention
  • Buddy Project - Working with developmentally disabled children
  • Building Blocks - Working with children at EES preschools
  • Dekko - Advocating for Latinx immigrants
  • Educating Near & Far – Providing STEM workshops for underserved children
  • FAST - Assisting special-needs teens at a partner school
  • Firebird Radio – Giving a voice to those who want to be heard (through podcasting) 
  • Global School Connections - Supporting underfunded schools in China, India, and other developing nations
  • Global Vantage - Magazine in partnership with other schools to support service projects around the world
  • Hands of Peace- Promoting conflict resolution in the Middle East
  • Health Nuts – Addressing nutrition shortfalls and food waste in our region
  • HELLO – Supporting refugees who are new to San Diego
  • Kids for Peace - Promoting kindness and understanding in schools
  • Liberty in North Korea - Helping North Korean refugees reach freedom and safety
  • Lunchbox - Providing low cost school meals to students in need
  • A Million Knots – Supporting girls’ education in India
  • The Nest – Producing school spirit-wear and granting profits to other service groups
  • New Haven Night Shelter - Supporting a men’s shelter in South Africa
  • New Ocean Blue - Educating children about the dangers of plastics pollution
  • Notes of Hope - Using music to improve the lives of children and senior citizens
  • On Pointe – Spreading joy through dance and funding dance scholarships
  • Opportunity for Athletes – Partnering with CAF to provide adaptive sports equipment
  • Pawsitivity - Alleviating anxiety and stress through therapy dogs
  • Play It Forward - Redistributing soccer equipment to underserved children
  •  Priceless – Addressing the issue of human trafficking overseas and in San Diego
  • Revere - Championing women’s issues and supporting at-risk girls
  • San Diego Chill - Providing hockey league play for disabled children
  • Sports Force - Raising awareness and funding for autism research through sports events
  • Tech Team - Supporting the IT Department and assisting service groups with programming and networking needs
  • TOSS – Recycling and donating school supplies
  • WIND – Supporting communities impacted by natural disasters
  • Woof Pack – Advocating for homeless animals
Additional Upper School independent projects and developmental service groups are working on a smaller scale to support a variety of causes.

Middle School students rotate each trimester among eight Service Learning opportunities.  Most groups visit their local partners weekly:

  • Animal Allies – Assisting at a county animal shelter
  • ARC of San Diego – Engaging with developmentally disabled adults 
  • Conservation – Working at local preserve site in Carlsbad, planting native species
  • Head Start – Working with economically disadvantaged preschoolers
  • Jefferson Elementary – Teaching Spanish to local elementary school children
  • La Posada – Assisting at a transitional homeless center
  • Seniors – Engaging with residents at a local senior center
  • Trails – Cleaning and maintaining the Carlsbad trails system near campus